Beautiful Otherness
Date 2004
Dimensions 72"x 144"
Category Painting
Medium Acrylic and glass beads on canvas
Genre Abstract
Period 21st Century
Collection Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Collection
Acknowledgement Gift of: SunCom Wireless

Carlos "Dzine" Rolón

"Beautiful Otherness " (2004)


Painter, muralist, installation artist, graphic designer, and culturalpop music empresario. Invited to the Venice Biennale in 2007, he has shown his work on almost every continent, including Africa. With no formal education in art, he began by doing graffiti. He is the owner of an experimental record label in Chicago, where he works with world-famous DJs and producers. His paintings, murals, and installations explore connections between the visual and the audible, specifically contemporary electronic music; he creates multi-layered patterns of brilliant colors mixed with industrial materials such as Envirotex, a thick translucent substance used in lamination, and tiny glass beads (in collaboration with designer Maya Romanoff). With these materials, his abstract painting, whose referents are urban, noisy, the funk subculture, and graffiti, takes on a sensual, harmonious quality that seems to make the many layers, reverberations, and vibrations of musical frequencies visible.