PROA Services


Seminar in Administration and Management

PROA offers seminars to promote the development of managerial and administrative skills for visual artist.

Artist’s Emergency Fund 

This fund provides visual artist in need of financial help to support their wellbeing. 
PROA, through an ongoing dialogue with the community, identifies the artists who have special needs.

PROA Overseas

Offers services of continued education as well as specialized services in the Caribbean and Latin American regions.

Study of the Condition of the Visual Artist in Puerto Rico

An Executive Summary in English is included with this publication. 

Through the Artist Assistance Program, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico developed the first study on the Study of the Condition of Visual Artist in Puerto Rico with the purpose of researching the condition of life of Puerto Rican artists and if they have an appropriate standard of living, allowing us to acquire and reformulate the adequate instruments to objectively address their needs and integrate them into a normative framework of equality within the economic, social and legal context relating to any worker.