Víctor Vázquez. Flea Market

April 27, 2017 - October 20, 2017 General Public Exhibition
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In the last years my work has been focused in exploring ideas related with the construction of knowledge, history, memory, migration and identity. The basic objective and intention is to investigate and reflect on how the state (the establishment) imposes, reproduces and legitimizes acceptable social practices, and how it defines the knowledge and its reality.

In the contemporary world we are living today, it is evident that there is a very thin line between knowing and not knowing... Reality and fiction, truth and lie... Every day it is less clear and harder to discern.

The current society is worried with formulating questions about the traditional concepts of history, memory and, in some instances, art. Every day we discover how the information that reaches us - about politics, religion, science, art and normal every day news-, is falsified and intentionally manipulated to create confusion and making it harder for us to make any kind of interpretation of information and events.
We know that none of this is new, as history has always been written and controlled by the people in power. However, today's technology and its new means of communication, with all of its webs of manipulation apparatuses becoming more sophisticated each day, make it harder to provoke individual discernment and decoding of social practices.

My art practice consists in establishing a dialogue between what is out there and ways of communicating, with the intention to problematize and generate questions about subjects related with globalization, migration, history, etc.

Currently, I am investigating the concept of the archetype of pre-established politics and the problem related to the displacement and dislocation of knowledge and communication. Art today, as a tool, gives one freedom to communicate using any kind of means. By intentionally creating metaphors through the use of language -the one it is used to manipulate and control- and becoming directly involved with the community, I try to problematize and question the ways people perceive, understand and relate with one another and their environment. 

- Víctor Vázquez, 2017
“Using a conceptual framework, I intent to present, from an archaeological perspective, themes related to memory, history, migration, the body as semantic  structure and the relation of word and image, presented to reflect on dynamics  related to discourse of established construction narratives.”  - Víctor Vázquez, 2017