Rainbow brite
Date 2007
Dimensions 72" x 72"
Category Painting
Medium Mixed medium on canvas
Genre Abstract
Period 21st Century

Melvin Martínez

"Rainbow brite" (2007)



Painter. Obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Visual Arts with a major in Painting from Escuela de Artes Plásticas, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Won the Certamen Internacional de Pintura de la Diputación de Castellón, Spain (2005) the Award for Outstanding Representation of Puerto Rico from the International Association of Art Critics, Puerto Rico Chapter (2006). He has exhibited individually and collectively in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, New York, California and Boston. His work can be found in collections in Puerto Rico and around the world. He is recognized for his paintings full of coats of pigment, glitter, and numerous textures and colorful patterns.