El Passport
Date 1994
Dimensions 10 1/2"x 5"
Category Mixed medium
Medium Lithograph and digital image
Genre Contemporary
Period 20th Century
Collection Museum of Modern Art Collection, New York, United States

Adál Maldonado

"El Passport " (1994)



Photographer, graphic artist, and installation, performance, and alternative artist. Since the seventies, Maldonado has lived in New York City. In 1986 he was artist-in-residence at Light Work, and in 1994 he and poet Pedro Pietri founded the El Puerto Rican Embassy project, based on Eduardo Figueroa’s El Spirit Republic of Puerto Rico (1979). In 2005, Maldonado was a member of the delegation of Puerto Rican artists invited by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture’s Poli/Gráfica Triennial to take part in Impulse: 26th International Graphic Arts Biennial in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the group show The Print as Metaphor: Puerto Rico in Ljubljana. His work alludes constantly to the phenomenon of the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York, problems of identity, the political status of Puerto Rico, and the perception of Puerto Rico abroad.