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Support the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and discover the art being Puerto Rican! Be a proud supporter of our artistic and cultural patrimony.

For us at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR), your support and the support of your company are key elements in order for us to achieve our goals. Your help allows us to continue with current and future projects, as well as the accomplishment of our goals, and ultimately, our mission.

The MAPR is a private non-for-profit organization that requires the financial support of the private sector, as well as individual citizens, to continue offering services and programs of the outmost excellence directed to the enjoyment of the thousands of local and foreign visitors who enter our halls.  By supporting the MAPR, whether it be through a donation, acquiring an individual or family membership, sponsoring exhibitions, educational programs, special events or through a contribution toward the acquisition of artwork, you will be strengthening not only the programming efforts of the Museum, but also encouraging the enjoyment and understanding of Puerto Rican art in the present and future generations.



Discover the benefits of being a member of the Museum through our Membership Program.  Acquire or renew your membership online.  Click here for more information.

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The Museum is deeply grateful for the outstanding support received from these foundations and corporations.  Here you will find a list of Sponsors who support the Museum through different programs and initiatives.

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Your donations allow the Museum’s permanent collection to grow and support our interpretive program, and community efforts.  Learn about our programs and choose the one that will receive your donation.

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Program Sponsorship

The Museum has a wide variety of community programs and events that your company can sponsor.  Explore the different programs and exhibitions that can be of interest to your company.

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Corporate Support

Companies, foundations and corporations support the Museum in many ways: through Gallery Sponsorship (naming opportunities), fundraising events, financial or in-kind support for exhibitions and interpretive programing, among others.  Explore the options available for corporate support at the MAPR.

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Fundraising Events

Individuals, families and corporations have the opportunity to support the Museum by participating in our fundraising events.  Save the date in your calendar for the upcoming events at the Museum that will generate funds to support the institution.

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