The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) established the Artist Assistance Program (PROA) to improve the quality of life, promote and communicate information about professional artists, Puerto Rican and international artists who have lived in Puerto Rico for years.  This is achieved through the development of services, creative projects, and establishing alliances with institutions interested in encouraging and promoting our artists.

PROA Program



Support Puerto Rican artists through the creation of services that will contribute to the production of their work and maximize its visibility in order to achieve a high level of projection in Puerto Rico and the world.



  • Contribute to the diffusion and study of the art created by Puerto Rican artists and resident artists in Puerto Rico.
  • Encourage and advance their professional development.
  • Stimulate the creation of new projects
  • Keep the artistic community informed about new opportunities for development


For more information about PROA, please contact: 

Lisa Blanco Rosario
Artist Assistance Program (PROA)
Tel.: 787-977-6277 ext. 2222
Fax.: 787-977-4446