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School Programs
The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) offers programs and services for students and teachers of all levels and academic subjects. These address the appreciation, enjoyment and knowledge of the Puerto Rican and international visual arts while strengthening 21st Century skills. Through the calendar of events you will find orientations, conference and creative workshops designed with you in mind. Don’t forget to request online your school’s guided tour by completing the Request for a Guided tour form or by calling 787.977.6277 ext. 2230.

Career Day in the arts and museums
Once a year, we offer this orientation to Intermediate and High School students about different career alternatives in Fine Arts and museums. Contact us to reserve your space.

Burger King Student Gallery
The Burger King Student Gallery is designed to exhibit works created by students from all disciplines which use art as a vehicle for expression and learning. This gallery is available for all public and private schools, nonprofit institutions and community programs that apply for its use and agree to abide by the Gallery rules. Take a look at the requisites established in the Burger King Student Gallery.

School Programs for teachers

Open House

Once a year, the MAPR opens its doors free of charge to teachers from public and private institutions. During this event we provide an orientation about the educational programs and services provided by the MAPR. Guided tours, creative workshops, and conferences are offered, together with specialized educational materials. Educators interested in participating in this event can contact 787.977.6277 ext. 2230.

Professional training workshops for educators

Throughout the year the MAPR offers many professional training workshops for educators of all disciplines and levels from the public and private educational systems on the island. Visit the Professional training workshops for educators section to find out which trainings are available.

Educational materials for teachers

The MAPR offers publications and educational materials designed for educators of all levels and disciplines in the education system.

The Museum’s Big Surprise, the first hand-illustrated museum book for children in the primary grades in Puerto Rico, written by Puerto Rican author, Dr. María del Rocío Costa, and illustrated by Walter Torres. An editorial board composed of educators, art historians and museum professionals developed the book’s concept with the objective to train elementary school children in reading and writing, to develop vocabulary, to encourage the appreciation of cultural expression, and to stimulate sensibility and creativity.  This publication is available at the MAPR Shop.

Teacher portfolio
Teachers in all disciplines can find in the MAPR printed material to enrich and complement any classroom subject. The Artist Within You Teacher Portfolio contains a large format color manual about Puerto Rican artists and the artistic processes. Guide questions help to develop lessons and educational activities designed to encourage dialogue with and among the students, to develop critical thinking, artistic sensibility, and appreciation of cultural expression. The activities can be carried out in the classroom or on MAPR tours with teachers or with the students’ families.

The portfolio also contains 12 reproductions of works of art in large format, laminated and in full color. On the back of each image the teacher will find guide questions to develop lessons related to all disciplines. With the goal of providing teachers a technological tool for the enrichment of their lessons, it also includes an interactive, bilingual (Spanish and English) CD-ROM, for MAC and PC platform. It is designed to fit into the important role played by interactive programs and games in students’ lives nowadays. The interactive CD integrates information about Puerto Rican art in an attractive and amenable way using music of diverse genres, electronic games, narration and text in large format. It includes a selection of distinguished Puerto Rican artists and an audiovisual description of artistic techniques as well as electronic games based on the works of art from the exhibition The Artist Within You, exhibited in the activART Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery at the MAPR. This publication is available at the MAPR Shop.

Teacher Manual with lesson models on integrating Puerto Rican visual arts and technology into school curricula of all subjects are some of the publications made available by the MAPR for the development of curricular lessons. Some of the modules teachers can download from their computers to complement their classroom teaching. The printed version of the manual is available at the museum shop.

MAPR publications have received diverse recognition, the following among them: Prize for Educational Excellence awarded for the Interactive CD-Rom by the Educational Committee (EdCom) of the American Alliance of Museums and the Ibero American Council in Honor of Quality Education, with headquarters in Peru. The portfolio was also awarded with an Honorable Mention in 2005 by the International Association of Art Critics in Puerto Rico.  To acquire MAPR’s educational publications in printed format, contact the MAPR Shop at or call 787.977.6277, extension 2291.

Below you will see the upcoming activities for students and teachers at the MAPR.

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