Educational materials for teachers

Here you will find our online resources that support our exhibitions and educational material which you can enjoy at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR).

Resources and activities online

WebQuest - Here you can explore and learn more about some of the works of art that are part of the exhibition The artist within you.

Visual arts integrated to science - through the technology, in this section you can interact with 15 works of art and the effect the environment can have on them.

Donation from the Ángel Ramos & Tina Hills' collectios - Online exhibition about the donation received from Ángel Ramos and Tina Hilla.  Interact with the artwork and read the essays related to these works.

Glossary - definitions of several terms used in fine arts.

La gran sorpresa del Museo - Spanish narration of the book that tells the story about Margarita & Javier’s search for the great surprise at the Museum.

Como pinta Campeche - Spanish narration of the children’s book about how José Campeche started as an artist.

MAPR Research Center

Iconografía del arte cristiano: Diccionario de símbolos en la obra de José Campeche y Jordán - in Spanish.

José Campeche and potrait painting

José Campeche: Miniaturist

Interconnections exhibition: Teacher Manual in Spanish


Through our account you can listen to many recordings about our exhibitions and works of art from our permanent collection.

In our YouTube Channel, you can discover videos of our activities and exhibitions.