The Internship Program of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) offers university and post-graduate level students from diverse academic disciplines the opportunity to acquire required work experience for their respective degrees and interact with other students and museum professionals. They may also develop an individual project that will permit them to define or redirect their academic and professional interests before finishing their formal studies and integrating formally into the labor force.  This is an unpaid internship at the MAPR which can be validated for credit in the university with the approval of the institution that grants the final degree.  The MAPR has received student interns from the country's public and private universities as well as from France, Jamaica, and Switzerland.

What is an internship?

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An internship is a structured learning opportunity in which the person is exposed to one or various departments of an institution.  Priorities are established and tasks assigned to be undertaken during a set amount of time under the direct supervision of a department manager or director.

Program objective

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The program objective is to create an alternative space where university level students can put into practice their acquired knowledge and allow them to develop skills for the future.  The program also exposes them to the world of non-profit organizations.

Program mission

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The mission of the program is to provide an opportunity for development and structured learning in which the university student is exposed to one or various departments of the MAPR and in which priorities and tasks for completion are established under the direct supervision of the immediate supervisor and coordinator of the program.

The Internship Program, run by the Education Department of the MAPR, evaluates and interviews the applicants and notifies those who will participate as interns at the MAPR. The interview process may include telephone and personal interviews with the interested candidates.

Requirements for internships

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Candidates for the internship program are: 

  • 3rd and 4th year university students.
  • Recently graduated university students (within the last 2 years) who wish to expand their knowledge before fully entering the workforce
  • Master’s degree students 

Students interested in applying for an internship at MAPR should:

  1. Fill out this Internship Application form (contact investigacion@mapr.org if you encounter an issue or need help)
  2. Send the completed application via email to investigacion@mapr.org attaching the following documents:
    • Recommendation letter from 1 or 2 professors
    • Resumé
    • University transcript

If you would like to receive academic credit for the internship, please include a letter from your pertaining academic institution signed by the course professor. It is the intern's responsability to make the proper arrangements for credit recognition and validation. The intern should provide the necessary documentation for his or her evaluation and required certification. 

Once the intern finishes their work, the MAPR will provide them with a certificate for the completed hours. This is an unpaid internship.

For more information, please email us at investigacion@mapr.org or call 787-977-6277, ext. 2260.