Community Programs

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) Community Programs addresses social and cultural issues that affect the general public.  One of its goals is to develop programs of high cultural impact and special activities in collaboration with like-minded nonprofit institutions in the social and economic sectors as well as philanthropic organizations.

Alliances made through the Community Program have allowed the development of services for schools, community programs and foundations.

Burger King Student Gallery

The Burger King Student Gallery is designed to exhibit Works of art created by students of all ages.  It is available to community programs and institutions where the art is a vehicle of expression and learning.  This space is available to any public or private school, nonprofit institution and community programs. 

Peek into Art with the MAPR and the Ángel Ramos Foundation

This program allows the educational program of the MAPR to reach children that attend day care centers and private and public schools located in low income communities.  This way, the MAPR is able to enrich these communities with knowledge related to the Puerto Rican visual arts through the program Peek Into Art.  This program is composed of a workshop docent educator that visits schools and day care centers, where he/she will demonstrate artistic activities for children, at the same time offering support to the teachers during the integration phase of the visual arts into the academic curriculum.

The docent offers educational experiences inspired on the artwork located in the exhibition presented in the activARTE Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery – The artist within you.  The content presented in the program’s workshops establishes connections between the visual arts and the academic standards in the school’s curriculum. 

Access without Boundaries Program

Since 2004, the Program has offered scholarships for visitors and workshops for deaf and blind boys and girls, thanks to the sponsorship of foundations and private organizations.  To arrange your visit and request specialized services, please call 787.977.6277 x2230.

The MAPR has offered an activity program for the blind and partially blind in the month of October.  The program is offered in collaboration with the non-profit organization "Art for the Blind". With headquarters in New York City, this organization annually celebrates in museums the program "Art Beyond Sight" with the goal of creating greater consciousness about visitors with special needs, particularly those with visual impairment. 

Since 2006, the MAPR formed an alliance with the Puerto Rico Assistive Technology Program, affiliated to the University of Puerto Rico, to consolidate efforts to benefit of the special needs community. The MAPR/PRATP alliance allows the production of educational and interpretive materials in alternative formats to facilitate the appreciation and understanding of the MAPR’s collections and to stimulate the engagement, integration, growth and enjoyment of the members of this community.

The MAPR complies with the requisites of the ADA law. Assistance dogs are permitted in the MAPR. Wheelchairs are provided for visitors who request them. 

For additional information about accessibility in the MAPR, please contact 787.977.6277 ext. 2230.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program’s objective is to take the MAPR outside the Museum grounds.  In communities, schools, libraries, centers for the aging, hospitals, community centers and others, it offers educational activities based on its permanent collections.  Educational activities offered are: talks, professional development workshop conferences for teachers, creative workshops for students, the elderly, and groups of handicapped individuals.

These activities reinforce the institutional mission and foster enjoyment and understanding of the Puerto Rican visual arts from the 17th century through the present, as well as art works from other countries and cultures.

Interested parties should contact  You can also call 787.977.6277 ext.2306, 2261.