The activARTE Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery, opened to the public in 2001 and renovated in 2012, is a space designed for the enjoyment and appreciation of Puerto Rican art through educational and interactive exhibitions directed at children and any visitor to the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR). activARTE offers the opportunity to learn about art by Puerto Rican artists and the technique and materials used through activities, workshops and interactive games.

activARTE Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery’s Mission is: 

  • Stimulate the interest and the study of the fine arts of Puerto Rico,
  • Encourage artistic sensibility and creativity,
  • Promote visual literacy,
  • Cultivate imagination and creativity,
  • Reaffirm Puerto Rican cultural values,
  • Offer teachers a thematic laboratory that strengthens their academic work in the teachings of all subjects,
  • Integrate the teaching strategies of the 21st century..

Since its opening, activARTE has turned into a space for families, gaining recognition of educational excellence for its programing and educational materials, receiving the Education Committee Excellence Award from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) in 2005, the most important and the only one awarded to a museum in Puerto Rico.  Thousands of students, teachers, families and foreign visitors have enjoyed the exhibition in this gallery and the programed activities.  activARTE Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery has received many positive comments from its visitors, especially educators who come to appreciate this space as a valuable resource to promote learning about the visual arts, culture and related subjects.  A very important characteristic of activARTE Ángel Ramos Foundation Gallery is that it actively promotes family values and increases the sense of identity and respect for Puerto Rican culture.  At the same time it functions as a portal to the appreciation and understanding of universal art. 

Based on the success attained by the gallery and the MAPR’s commitment to continue being leaders in innovation and educational programing, the MAPR will begin renovation work to reflect and incorporate the new tendencies of the 21st century learning skills.