Public Events and Collective Learning Experiences for the exhibition Las islas del Encanto,

curated by Juan Carlos López Quintero. 

Center for Innovative Education | Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico


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In Las islas del encanto, curated by Juan Carlos López Quintero, artist Enoc Pérez highlights tropical modernity as a political, architectural, and artistic phenomenon that explores and preserves the images of those buildings that insert themselves in our landscape as monuments of their time. Buildings of extraordinary beauty become subjects of study for the artist, in spite the fact that his images today inspire nostalgia by memorializing what was one of the most important projects in Puerto Rico.

The programing we propose explores the element of tropical modernity as a historical phenomenon through a variety of collective learning experiences that allow visitors the opportunity to explore the phenomenon by accessing alternate ways of inhabiting it. We begin with a series of guided visits led by curator Juan Carlos López Quintero. The visits will generate relevant dialogs that deepen the study and understanding of the works in the exhibition, as well as the understanding of the periods and contexts that saw their creation.

Along with these visits, we will offer a night of drawing at the museum dedicated to the celebration of African heritage, a conference, and two creation and experimentation seminars that are intended as points of shared learning among artists, visitors, and the community.

Artist Jorge González’ seminar and micro-residency and his project Escuela de Oficios invites the public to explore and be part of the exchange of other knowledges. We will work together in the study and practice of ancestral techniques for the [re]cognition, harvest, and use of organic materials, approaching the art of weaving as an artisanal technique of creation. The purpose of these exercise in community will be to intervene the architecture of the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. This seminar will also take place in honor of sculptor Melquíades Rosario Sartre’s 1998 project “Estructura para un encuentro,” which was part of the exhibition Espacios en transición – Transición en espacios—the first formal exhibition celebrated in the Museum building during its construction. The seminar and micro-residency will allow our public to [re]negotiate cultural objects as an act of reclaiming the preservation of our natural resources, reaffirming alternative ways of existing and making in recognition of afro-indigenous communities in Puerto Rico.

To end this seminar and micro-residency, doctor Yolanda Wood, specialist in Caribbean Art History, will offer an important talk dedicated to pre-Hispanic art, its characteristics, and her research methodologies.

To close, we will offer an experimental sound and image seminar with artists Omar Obdulio Peña Forty and Mariana Ramos Ortiz. The seminar consists of a walk through the city to gather images, sounds, and found objects. With these materials, the participants will explore the technique of photo-screen printing on non-traditional supports, and the creation of sound in reference to these interventions.

We hope that this offering will contribute to a more solid relationship between our public and the artistic creation in Puerto Rico, broadening its reference points and stimulating creativity through expanded experiences.

Raquel Torres-Arzola | Education Curator | Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Guided visits led by curator Juan Carlos López Quintero:

  • Thursday, December 8, 2022 – 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday, Jaunuary 19, 2023 – 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday, February 16, 2023 – 6PM-8PM
  • Thursday, April 13, 2023 – 6PM-8PM

New date! February 9th, 2023

Drawing night at Las islas del encanto

with live models, dedicated to the celebration of African heritage.

The following dates will be announced soon:

  • Community creation and learning seminar “Del cimiento a la tierra”: 

Three weeks of work and collaboration with artist Jorge González and his project Escuela de Oficios.

Exploration of artisanal methods for the creation and construction of an architectural intervention.


  • Conference: Pre-Hispanic Art in the Caribbean, with Yolanda Wood, PhD


  • Experimental sound and image seminar, with artists Omar Obdulio Peña Forty and Mariana Ramos Ortiz: 

A walking seminar for sound exploration, the gathering of found objects, and photography.

Two meetings for sound editing and screen printing over non-traditional supports.


All events are free. Must be a member to participate once the official dates are announced. For more information, write to us at, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 221, 2257.