The Well
Date 2013
Dimensions 84"x 84"
Category Painting
Medium Oil on canvas
Genre Scenes
Period 21st Century

Arnaldo Roche Rabell

"The Well" (2013)



Painter. Roche Rabell began his artistic training at the Luchetti School of Art in Santurce, where he studied under Lope Max Díaz. He later studied architecture at the University of Puerto Rico and art at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he completed his MFA in 1984. Since then, he has devoted himself entirely to painting. His work is found in important collections around the world, and he has taken part in several international events, earning numerous awards and great critical recognition. He has developed a unique style based on the application of layers of bright colors, which he covers with black and then rubs with a pallete knife to create dramatic and revealing images. Many of his paintings use live models, whom he wraps in raw canvas and then, using frottage, imprints on it the contours of their bodies. Usually of monumental size, exuberant in color, and dramatic in their content, his Abstract Expressionist paintings draw upon a variety of references, both historical and personal.