Date 1997
Dimensions Variable
Category Sculpture
Medium Clay and enamels
Genre Abstract
Period 20th Century
Collection *Title translation: Vessels

Bernardo Hogan

"Vasijas*" (1997)



Ceramist.  After living in Trinidad, he moved to Puerto Rico in 1968. He developed as a self‑taught artist by opening a ceramics workshop with his life partner, Susana Espinosa, and with Isabel Rivera. In 1980, he founded Casa Candina, alongside Espinosa, Toni Hambleton and Jaime Suárez, and became its director. He worked in the ceramics workshop of the Students Art League of San Juan. He was one of the organizers of the Casa Candina Award since 1988 and created several public works with Susana Espinosa, including the murals of the Caribe Hilton Hotel and the Bacardi distillery. Among the awards he received is the gold medal of the International Ceramics Competition in Faenza, Italy in 1995. Also of significance are the exhibitions presented at the Museum of Art and History of San Juan “Bernardo Hogan: Vessels” (1991) and the retrospective exhibitions of his work including “Bernardo Hogan: Artist of the Potter’s Wheel” (1995) and “Bernardo Hogan: A Retrospective” (2017) at the San Juan Museum. His work focused on the ceramic vessel as the only form he developed, working on the potter’s wheel to mold it because, according to the artist, the vessel is “a constant language in all ages”.