Tronco amarillo
Date 1974
Dimensions 36"x 48"
Category Painting
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Genre Abstract
Period 20th Century
Collection * Title Translation: Yellow Trunk

Carmelo Fontánez

"Tronco amarillo *" (1974)



Painter, draftsman and professor. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in arts from the University of Puerto Rico in 1967 and pursued master’s studies at New York University. In Puerto Rico, he was part of groups such as Borinquen 12 and Forma Universitaria. He has served as professor at the Mayagüez and Bayamón campuses of the University of Puerto Rico. He has received prizes including the award for watercolors given by the Ateneo Puertorriqueño in San Juan (1968), the prize for painting and honorable mention in the United Federal Bank contest in San Juan (1973-1974) and the prize for the best exhibition awarded by the Association of Art Critics, Puerto Rico Chapter (1991 y 1997). Some of his salient solo exhibitions are: “Fontánez” at the Borinquen Gallery, San Juan, P.R. (1968); “Requiem for a Panorama” at the Ateneo Puertorriqueño, San Juan, P.R. (1989); “Absent Panorama” at the Sin Título Gallery, San Juan, P.R. (1997); and “Particles” at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (2005). Inspired by the Puerto Rican landscape, he has developed a work of abstract language characterized by strong lyricism. His creations are highlighted by his use of distinctive vocabulary of organic forms, which convey great expressiveness and harmony.