Date 2005
Dimensions 65"x 78"
Category Painting
Medium Charcoal, graphite and oil on canvas
Genre Abstract
Period 21st Century

José Lerma

"Tormentula" (2005)



Painter. He obtained a Master’s in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Wisconsin and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2004 he completed an Artist Residency in the CORE Program of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. Since 2002 he has exhibited individually at institutions in the United States such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago and art galleries in the United States, Korea, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Mexico, amongst others. His work has been exhibited (shown) at Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Miami Beach, Freeze New York and NADA Art Fair. He uses layers of paint and diverse textiles to create three-dimensional works with texture where he makes allusions to contemporary issues, using stories and characters from everyday life.