Date 2002
Dimensions 44' x 15' x 12'
Category Sculpture
Medium Painted aluminum
Genre Abstract
Period 21st Century
Collection *Title translation: Scorching sun

Luis Torruella

"Solazo*" (2002)


Sculptor. In 1988, he completed his bachelor’s degree in art from Amherst College in Massachusetts and in 1989 studied and worked at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture of New Jersey, both in the United States. Upon his return to Puerto Rico, he pursued studies in sculpture under the tutelage of Pablo Rubio. From 1990 to 1997 he was art director at St. John’s School in San Juan and in 2001 became a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ponce Art Museum. He has participated in multiple international art fairs and created numerous sculptural works commissioned in Puerto Rico and abroad. He also has participated in various solo and group exhibitions since 1989, including “Young Art” (1991) at the Chase Manhattan Bank in San Juan and “Luis Torruella: rumba, macumba, candombe, bámbula(1994) at the Botello Gallery in San Juan, P.R. His monumental work is well‑known for the use of enamels of intense color on aluminum, his preferred material, with which he creates textures and contrasts. He also uses other materials, such as concrete, and self describes his style as allusive to an “orderly chaos”.

1 From a famous poem, Majestad Negra (Black Majesty), by Luis Palés Matos that represents the Afro‑Caribbean culture in Puerto Rico.