Para un estuario
Date 1996
Dimensions 3"x 12"x 15"
Category Sculpture
Medium Potter’s clay, plate, rope, oxides, slip, glazes, medium temperatures and multiple burns
Genre Contemporary
Period 20th Century
Collection * Title Translation: For an estuary

Jorge Cancio

"Para un estuario* " (1996)



Sculptor, potter, and designer. Cancio graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 1974 with a major in environmental design. In 1976, he began ceramics courses with Jaime Suárez, with whom Cancio founded the Manos Group in 1977. He studied under Bernardo Hogan and Susana Espinosa at Casa Candina when it was founded in 1980 in Condado, after the Manos Studio-Gallery closed. His knowledge of design has enabled him to work with several private and public institutions in Puerto Rico, including museums and galleries. In 1994, he received the Casa Candina Prize at the Fourth Biennial of Puerto Rican Ceramics for sets of pieces related to the sea and the mangrove swamps.