Date 2003
Dimensions 24" x 72"
Category Installation
Medium 8 Lambda prints on paper and video
Genre Scenes
Period 21st Century
Collection Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Collection
Acknowledgement Partial gift of the artist

Rosa Irigoyen

"Nail" (2003)


Printmaker, photographer and professor. Obtained her Bachelors of Visual Arts from the University of Puerto Rico and her Master’s from Vermont College, Montpellier, Vermont. In 1987 she received First Prize in Printmaking from the Art Students League of San Juan and has been winner four times of the National Visual Arts Competition of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (1991, 1995, 2000, 2002). Integrates in her work diverse media and materials such as photography, digital art and objects.  The conceptual elements in her work encourage a plurality of intellect-emotional interpretations.