Miradas del Barrio
Date 2019
Dimensions Variable
Category Painting
Medium Spray on concrete and wood
Genre Urban landscape
Period 21st Century

Pedro "Spear" Torres

"Miradas del Barrio" (2019)



Graffiti artist, painter and muralist. In 2000 he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Atlantic College in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He has worked as an art director in local and international advertising agencies such as De la Cruz, BBDO and JWT. In graffiti, he is part of one of the pioneering collectives at the local level, El Corográfico, with whom he continues to collaborate today. Together with this group, he won the first prize in the “crew” category of Graphopoli, the first urban art biennial of the Puerto Rico Museum of Art. In 2017 he received the first place for best can design in the Mountain Dew competition. He has exhibited his work and murals both collectively and individually in Puerto Rico, the United States, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Tokyo. Through his works he seeks to communicate metaphysical and social ideas, using muralism and graffiti as healthy and accessible communication strategies for the public.