Julia de Burgos
Date 1981
Dimensions 48 1/4" x 60 3/4"
Category Painting
Medium Oil on canvas
Genre Portrait
Period 20th Century
Collection Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Collection
Acknowledgement Gift of: Succession of Josefina Tió in memory of Dr. Luis Ortega López

Carlos Irizarry

"Julia de Burgos" (1981)


Painter, printmaker and designer, and digital media artist. In the late 1940’s Irizarry emigrated to New York and studied at the School of Art and Design in that city. Later he worked as a commercial painter and designer and joined the Amigos de Puerto Rico artists’ studio. In 1968 he returned to Puerto Rico, where he co-founded the National Center for the Arts in San Juan and created Gallery 63, which was dedicated to promoting avant-garde art. In 1976 he was imprisoned in the United States for an act of artistic expression of a subversive nature. His work in the graphic arts is recognized for its employment of novel techniques, and he was the first Puerto Rican artist to work in the photo-silkscreen process. The use of photographs and juxtapositions of images are constants in his work, which is characterized by its critique of the local and international social and political situation. He has recently incorporated digital media into his work.