Deep Vee
Date 2000
Dimensions 48" x 72"
Category Painting
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Genre Abstract
Period 21st Century

Carlos Dávila-Rinaldi

"Deep Vee" (2000)



Painter, sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer. He spent his childhood in different places because his father served in the United States Air Force. Upon his return to the island, he studied at the Students Art League of San Juan and in 1979 participated in the GLCA New York Arts Program as an apprentice to Robert Stackhouse and Louis Lieberman. He received a bachelor’s degree in arts from DePauw University in Indiana in 1980. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Puerto Rico, and are especially noteworthy the works exhibited in the eighties and nineties in association with the Luigi Marrozzini Gallery and his mid career exhibition held at the Museum of the Americas in 2012 entitled “Only Essence Remains”. His work has influences from the pop art movement with references to mass media, humor and double entendres. His career as a graphic designer in advertising is reflected in his work, as in the pigmented frame that borders some of his canvases. He uses all kinds of materials in his sculptures and is well known for his capacity to experiment with them.