Cuando teníamos todas las respuestas nos cambiaron las preguntas
Date 2007
Dimensions 72"x 36"
Category Installation
Medium Alfombra bordada
Genre Contemporary
Period 21st Century
Collection * Title Translation: When we had all the answers they changed the questions

Karlo Ibarra

"Cuando teníamos todas las respuestas nos cambiaron las preguntas* " (2007)



Painter, creator of installations and video artist. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan in 2005. He obtained First Prize at the sixth edition of the Video Creation and Digital Art Competition in Central America and the Caribbean and in the People’s Choice Award at the Optic Nerve Video Festival e Miami. He has participated in the Biennial of Bucharest (2008), the San Juan Poly-Graphic Triennial of San Juan, Latin America and the Caribbean (2009 and 2012), and in the Moscow International Biennial of Young Art (2010). His works are part of institutional collections in Costa Rica, United States, Puerto Rico and Argentina. His works display a political and social discourse reinforced by references and allusions to literature. He combines these topics to study situations such as globalization, migration and identity.