Contemporánea Internacional. Nuevos coleccionistas en Puerto Rico

July 19, 2018 - January 6, 2019 General Public Exhibition
  • Main entrance to the gallery
  • Main entrance to the gallery

Contemporánea Internacional. Nuevos coleccionistas en Puerto Rico present a selection of artworks from artists of seven private collections in Puerto Rico. We will find artists of international recognition that have exhibited in the most important museums of the world and whose artworks are among the most important collections. This exhibition is a small but very significant sampling of the latest tendencies in art at the international level, including, for example, some of the main representatives of the Young British Artists, neo-conceptual art, and experimental photography, among others. With this event, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico aims to facilitate the enjoyment of the contemporary art for all audiences, reaffirming its mission to make art from Puerto Rico and the world accesible, and at the same time we evidence the dialogue that our artists have established with creator from other countries.

Collecting in Puerto Rico started in the 19th century by artists and private collectors who felt the need to preserve and spread the artistic heritage of the island. However, it was up to the government institutions to formally lay the formal foundations of collecting on the island at the end of this century and during the 20th century. Private collectors in the country have grown in number and quality, especially since the second half of the twentieth century, some are key international references, especially in the field of modern and contemporary art. Today, the private collections in Puerto Rico have local and international masterpieces.

In this new century, a number of collectors have joined this group, and it is this new contingent that we want to look at. In general terms, contemporary art is understood to be art done since the 1960s that is not linked to the avant-garde and ideological programs of Modernism; technical specialization is not emphasized; instead, the medium chosen by the artist is an expressive resource used freely. Those who collect this art are doing more than making a simple wager on the future; they are affirming the importance of the present. The new collectors are safeguarding works that constitute a living patrimony. Contemporary artworks represent an important, though in some cases critical, body of knowledge that we are able to reference in order to learn about and understand our cultural and sociopolitical moment.

A series of lectures will be held throughout this exhibition with the purpose of broadening the research and promote a dialogue about contemporary art and its context in Puerto Rico.

Texto de pared, por Juan Carlos López Quintero, Curador MAPR