Your donations allow the Museum’s permanent collection to grow and support our interpretive program, and community efforts.  Learn about our programs and choose the one that will receive your donation.


The Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under federal and state governments.  This classification allows any donation to the Museum to be deducted from your Income Tax Form.  Any type of donation made to the Museum – monetary or artwork – apply to be deducted.  Consult your accountant for more information.

Be a part of the history of Puerto Rican art presented in the MAPR’s Permanent Collection, one that values the past, but also the present. The collection aspires to be pluralist, to research without prejudice Puerto Rican movements and artists born or residing outside Puerto Rico who have contributed to the development of local and international art. Likewise, artists who have not been born in Puerto Rico but who reside or have resided in Puerto Rico and have contributed to the development of the country’s culture are included.  

If you wish to donate a work of art to the Museum, contact our Curatorial Division at 787-977-6277 or to begin the evaluation process.